Little Update

I hate blogging without including a picture (that’s probably the artist in me), but I decided to post anyway.

We’re not home yet, and days have been busy… well, at least they are for M. Through God’s providence, he has a temporary job here and is actually getting paid this time! Yay! The story is funny, providential, and a really good one on how he got the job, but I’m not sure I really feel like typing that much right now… sorry. (o: Maybe some other time.

He has decided to work right up to the last minute, so we still have a few weeks left. And that’s okay, because we have really enjoyed seeing and spending time with family and old friends and meeting some new people too. Our old church here is growing by leaps and bounds, so we meet someone new every Sunday.

I’m looking forward to getting some pictures on here sometime soon (I’m still taking them), so stay tuned! 


3 thoughts on “Little Update

  1. Great news on the job for M! I always check in just to see if there are even some words (though your pictures are always great!) just to see where you are & how you all are. Take care, have fun at “home” and we’ll see you again when you’re back!

    ps-Get a account and you can just post the word “Photos” with a link and you won’t have to get blogburnout! (I’m getting it too some days)

  2. Jolly– I wish you all were here too, so we could see you again also!

    Ursula– The reason I can’t post pictures is because I have been using my mother-in-law’s computer, and she has dial-up (slow), and also, for some reason all the pictures show up fuzzy on her monitor… not sure why, but it makes it difficult to see what pics to put up, etc. I have actually considered going to the public library, but our cd burner stopped working.

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