The Replacements


No, not the band. The fish. 

This is Celty and Daisy. I took this picture without a flash since I have a fear that the flash may have contributed to the early death of Sally– fish #1 (she started acting strange after the flash went off the 30th time). Unfortunatley, Celty died this morning anyway, so we are now just left with Daisy.

We went with some non-goldfish types this time. I can’t remember what these are called, but they are very tiny. If Daisy dies also, we may have to go with a Betta fish next time since the fish bowl is so small.

Note: The stuff floating on the top of the water is food, not dead fish, and that is a reflection of me that you see. 


It’s All in the Pillow


I don’t know about you, but the failing or the success of any trip all revolves around the pillow I sleep on. You might think I’m joking, but I’m really not (although I might be exaggerating).

If my head is not at the perfect angle (without me having to strain my neck to get it there), then I can’t sleep well. And if I don’t sleep well, then I’m more likely to be grumpy the next day.

This is not something I like about myself, and I am really not proud of it, and I am trying to change it… really. But I need good sleep…
and food.

If I get good sleep and good food, life is good. Well, unless I don’t have good coffee.

Good sleep, good food, and good coffee. That’s what it takes. Almost.

I need my good family too– And my very good God!

Basically, God is all I need, and He also gives us some very good things to enjoy like family, coffee, food, and pillows.

And I remembered to bring my pillow on our last trip to Georgia, so of course, it was a very nice relaxing and enjoyable trip.

Duncan the Big Black Bear


Duncan the Big Black Bear joined our family’s imaginations this week when R went out for a “Crappuccino” with her Papa for her birthday, and me and E had some Mommy daughter time.

We started off trying to learn to play Chopsticks together on the professor’s piano. We made a little headway with that, but then we decided to just eat cooklies and tell stories.

I quickly made up a character named “Duncan”. He is a very large black bear. Actually, he is HUGE (about as big as a bus), and he lives in a large cave on the top of a mountain. He enjoys fine art immensely, and travels often to add to his growing collection that decorates the walls of his cozy cave. He has one friend, a six year old girl named Kelly. They correspond through letter writing when they are not together.

His character is still being developed, but I thought I would draw what he should look like. Here he is with one of his pieces of art.

Short Lived Fish

R got a fish and a little fish tank for her birthday. The tank is made to look like a television. I was so excited to give this to her, and I knew that she would love having a pet fish especially since she just loves animals so much.

She named the fish Sally. Sally died. R cried.

Sally had a warranty, so we’ll get her another.