Goodbye Montgomery



It’s finally time to go. I have a lot of memories to bring with me, most of them good I think, but the one word that will probably stick out most in my memory of my time in Montgomery, Alabama is the word HOT. I know it’s been hotter than usual in many places across the country, but I tell you… it’s been HOT here. And humid.

Here are a few pictures to try and illustrate this: 


The left photo is one of several signs I have seen around the city where the letters are melting and peeling off from the heat. The photo on the right is a picture of what the car thermometer read most days. Notice the melted off rear-view mirror in the same photo. 


Top left: The Alabama State Capitol
Top right: The Department of Archives and History (I thought it was pretty)
Bottom left: The Alabama Supreme Court (where M spent his summer completing his externship)
Bottom right: er… I think God said that first… that’s in the book of Amos. 


6 thoughts on “Goodbye Montgomery

  1. Thank you hockamama. (o:

    Urs– we’re actually not going home for several weeks. M has a little work to do in another one of these Southern states, but it’s about 20 degress cooler here which is nice! (o:

  2. Okay, so how do you get your photos so big? When I use the upload feature under where I write posts, they only come in small. I really like the larger size. How can I do that?

  3. To get the photos the size you want, you click on the pic that you just downloaded, and it will give you some options. Click on the thumbnail option to change it to use the original, then send it to your editor. After it’s in the editor, you click on the little picture of the tree to resize it. I use Photoshop to size mine beforehand to about 456 pixels wide, and look at my image size to see the length, and then just plug those numbers into the wordpress editor window. Hope that helps! (o:

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