Gulf Shores

I guess I couldn’t stay away from the blog for long… 


We took a spur of the moment trip to the beach one day this past weekend. Woke up one morning and started to talk about how I wished that we could go to the beach. M said, okay– let’s get ready and go! This past weekend is going to be our last weekend in Alabama, so I’m glad we were able to see the beach once.

It was beautiful there. The skies were overcast, and the air and water were very warm and nice. I loved just floating on my back in the water for a long time while the waves would roll under me changing my view from nothing but sky to nothing but big mountains of water. All I could hear was the waves crashing behind me.

The girls played in the sand for hours, picking up shells, and taking turns going in the water with either Mommy or Papa. We stayed until it was dark, showered the sand off, and drove home with girls asleep in the back seat and the windows rolled down. It was just what we all needed.



3 thoughts on “Gulf Shores

  1. Happy traveling. Hope you miss Beryl! I’ve heard the Bama Beaches are beautiful-they are actively advertised here. We barely make it to our beaches, but our local beach is abundant with loggerhead turtle nests, so I don’t like to go and disturb them-though others care less :(

  2. Don’t you just feel God there? I love watching the waves and listening to all the ocean sounds, and just knowing that our awesome God put it all there for us. Hope you have a safe trip home.

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