To Blog or Not to Blog

That really is the question. Basically, what it all comes down to, is that I’m just really kind of sick of it. Imagine that!

It may end up just being a long blogging break, we’ll see. But don’t worry… we will not be dropping off the face of the earth, just the internet. I also may post a picture here and there, or just get a Flickr account or something– I dunno. But, for now, I will say goodbye!



7 thoughts on “To Blog or Not to Blog

  1. Well, I hope you still check your comments… so I can say howdy. This is one reason why I don’t blog. I am afraid I’d feel too obligated. Blog-ligated. Oh man. I need to just go get some sleep. Enjoy the time off.

  2. Okay– I think I’ve figured it out. Pics should be okay now… although I may have to re-do some (hopefully not all) in my previous posts. So, you can go ahead and stop commenting again. (o;

  3. I would miss your blog, but I understand how you feel. I love your pics though – don’t take the pics!! WAHH!

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