Little Photographer


Now that E has her own blog, she keeps asking me if she can borrow the camera to take pictures around the house. Sometimes, while she’s off somewhere in the house taking pictures, I can hear her giggling. And everytime I get to downloading her pictures onto the computer I am either laughing or amazed at her pictures. The picture above is a reflection from the top of a lamp (probably circa 1975 from the look of it!).

She is so creative and funny. I love learning more about her as her personality develops with age. I’m really looking foward to when she and her sister are older and getting to know them more and more.

Here is one of the pictures that I thought was funny…


We were able to “escape” the heat a little today with an invitation from a couple of new friends from the church here. It’s amazing how nice it feels outside when you’re in the water, but once you’re out again for about a half hour, you sure are feeling that heat again.

I took a bunch of pictures of the girls in the pool, but this is the only decent one (at least of my own children) that I have because R managed to splash a big drop of water on the lens for the rest. Oh well. At least the camera is okay.


I couldn’t help but think of the lyrics to Sweet Home Alabama (more specifically, the refrain) when I took this picture:



7 thoughts on “Little Photographer

  1. I can’t see anything either! I thought it was because I use Firefox, but when I opened it in IE it was the same. But then again, I usually read your blog on Firefox and haven’t had problems.

    I think my brain is browning out from the heat.

  2. Ok-too funny. This is literally seconds later and once I submitted my comments I could see the pictures! I think you’re just fishing for comments PB!

  3. I can’t see the pictures, either, so I am submitting a comment like Ursula did. Maybe it will work for me, too.


  4. Comments are nice, but I honestly did not do anything to make this happen! I think it has something to with the fact that I still use blogger to post photos here. I don’t think they like that, and they have done something to completely prevent viewing the photos larger when you click on them, and they don’t work right even without clicking on them. Also, when I use WordPress to upload photos, they all load really tiny.

    I really want to use Flickr, but last year M downloaded this B-Safe Online thing to block websites with “questionable” content, and for some reason it blocks Flickr, and we can’t remember the password to by pass it. We even contacted the company and apparently there is no way to retrieve or reset your password. Crazy.

    I think our “trial” period for B-Safe is over at the end of this month, so hopefully I can get a Flickr account then.

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