We’re Frying Here!

I promised I would bring the girls to the park yesterday but when we got there it was just too hot for them to play. We were all dripping in sweat after about 5 minutes and all of the playground equipment was too hot to even touch.

I thought I remembered them saying on the news last week that we were supposed to get some cooler weather this week, but when that only brings it down to 97 degrees, it really doesn’t help much.

I felt bad, but we really had to do something different, so I took them to get ice cream instead.

We only have a few more weeks left here Montgomery, and I will be glad to even be a little more north to “cool off” a bit.



6 thoughts on “We’re Frying Here!

  1. I LOVE love love Coldstone Creamery. It’s definitely a nice consolation prize for no playground. Sometimes it’s hard to be cheerful when it’s that darn hot and miserable. We are in Ohio this week, and have been having temps in the high 80’s. I miss home, but not the heat, and the humidity is different here. I hope it cools off more for you, so you can atleast enjoy the outdoors a bit.

  2. We have a Cold Stone across the street-WAAAAAY too tempting on our hot walks, too! Though Andrew is a convert to the Boston Cream Pie ;) Like mama, like son! When Kai was here, we had dinner there every day as our special treat before Andrew was born.

  3. Ice cream for dinner since Kai was on vacation and with Urs it’s no holds barred, baby! It was only 3 days, and it was a good way to break the news to my first “son” that I was pregnant. I wasn’t sure how he’d take the news since all my kid love was doled out to him. But I knew he’d make a great “uncle”!

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