The Replacements


No, not the band. The fish. 

This is Celty and Daisy. I took this picture without a flash since I have a fear that the flash may have contributed to the early death of Sally– fish #1 (she started acting strange after the flash went off the 30th time). Unfortunatley, Celty died this morning anyway, so we are now just left with Daisy.

We went with some non-goldfish types this time. I can’t remember what these are called, but they are very tiny. If Daisy dies also, we may have to go with a Betta fish next time since the fish bowl is so small.

Note: The stuff floating on the top of the water is food, not dead fish, and that is a reflection of me that you see. 


6 thoughts on “The Replacements

  1. Celty was still alive this morning when I left, so her demise must have been fairly recent. I did notice they were both staying at the top of the water again. I wonder what’s going on. Did you give her the 21 flush salute? How’s R dealing with it?

    ~Bon Dufus

  2. Was that green leafy stuff in the water before? Maybe that is doing something to the water? I know that WPB is going through this thing the next few weeks by over-chlorinating to kill any bacteria & algae that may be in the pipes. Maybe your adoptive city is doing the same-maybe you should use bottled water. Poor R!

  3. That is just a plastic plant… it was there before.

    I’ve been using filtered water with a few drops of a water conditioner that is supposed to remove chlorine. The water here in Montgomery is disgusting though… I wouldn’t drink it straight from the tap unless I was about to die of thirst. I may try bottled water next time anyway.

  4. I don’t share the opinion of Montgomery water. I drink it from the tap all the time and its fine. I guess DW is used to melting it from those NH glaciers! ;>)

    ~Bon Dufus

  5. You might decide to not drink it anymore if you see the water after I fill up the tub to give the girls a bath… before they even get in.

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