It’s All in the Pillow


I don’t know about you, but the failing or the success of any trip all revolves around the pillow I sleep on. You might think I’m joking, but I’m really not (although I might be exaggerating).

If my head is not at the perfect angle (without me having to strain my neck to get it there), then I can’t sleep well. And if I don’t sleep well, then I’m more likely to be grumpy the next day.

This is not something I like about myself, and I am really not proud of it, and I am trying to change it… really. But I need good sleep…
and food.

If I get good sleep and good food, life is good. Well, unless I don’t have good coffee.

Good sleep, good food, and good coffee. That’s what it takes. Almost.

I need my good family too– And my very good God!

Basically, God is all I need, and He also gives us some very good things to enjoy like family, coffee, food, and pillows.

And I remembered to bring my pillow on our last trip to Georgia, so of course, it was a very nice relaxing and enjoyable trip.


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