Little Accomplishments


E is really getting the hang of riding her new bike that her Grandmother got her for her birthday a few weeks ago. The knee and elbow pads have been ditched… not sure why her helmet isn’t on…

Take a look:


3 thoughts on “Little Accomplishments

  1. Hi, I like your blog. Thanks for your comment on the King of Germany photo on my photo blog. I didn’t know he did that sometimes. How did you find my Wonder/Sighting site?

  2. Hi Janet– I know Mark J. from doing some website work with him for the lawschool. That’s how I knew about the Partial Observer site, and then I linked to your photos from there. I love your pictures by the way. I am actually a wife of one of the law students… we are away for his externship this summer in AL. We’ll be back in the fall.

    Sorry I’m not more detailed… email me if you want to!


  3. That was a cute movie! I loved it when Maggie waved at you. It reminded me of the day I learned to ride. My Mom was inside with the pastor’s wife. I told them they had to come to the window to see me ride. Well, I was going along nicely when I took a hand off to wave and completely biffed.

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