Something to Blog Home About

Yesterday marked one of the happiest days in our lives.

Did we win the lottery? No.
Are we taking an “all expenses paid” trip to Europe? No.
Did M get lined up with his dream job for after law school? Not yet.
It was really just an ordinary day of doing laundry, cleaning dishes, and making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

No, I’m not pregnant.

But there was a new birth in our family.

I was reading a chapter in Proverbs after lunch yesterday when E had a question that led to another question that led to me telling her the story of Christ and how He was born, and how He died and rose again from the dead. I told her about what that meant for people who repented, believed, and trusted in Him. I asked her if she wanted to pray and ask God to forgive her of her sins and be saved. She did, so I helped her pray.

At the time, I was happy about our Bible reading and conversation and prayer, but I didn’t immediately think it was any different than any other day. We have told her all of that before many times, and we pray with her daily. But I slowely started to realize as the day went on that this time was different.

Later on, she told me that she loved that story that I told her, and that she understood it better than she ever had before. She asked me about what we had prayed and what the words were again. These things were all she wanted to talk about. That night, during our family worship, M decided to read part of the story of Christ’s crucifixion and resurrection in Luke for our family worship that night. She was captivated.

She and her Papa walked the dog together that night and talked some more. He asked her if she understood what she prayed, and she said yes. She told him that she had been wanting to pray that for a long time, but she didn’t know the words, and that Mommy helped her to know what words to say.

While I was talking to her at bedtime, she was trying to describe how she felt, and kept saying that she felt “comfortable.” Her face would show that she was obviously moved when I talked more about Jesus saving her… a few times I thought she might cry. A few times I thought I might cry!

This morning– same thing. She asked me to read the story from the Bible again and she continued to talk about how she felt. She wants me to pray the same prayer with R, and I explained to her that the prayer did not mean anything unless your heart was changed and you understood what you were praying. She wants the same joy for her little sister (and so do I!).

I am so thankful for what seems to be a true re-birth of little E, and I am thankful that God has saved her at such a young age. I remember how I felt eleven years ago when I was finally converted, and I see that same joy in her eyes.

Praise the Lord!


4 thoughts on “Something to Blog Home About

  1. What a wonderful and special post. You have raised an incredible child who apparently has taken all you have done, been and said into her heart. She would not have taken the steps she did without you. What a wonderful feeling that must be for you all. I like your blog. Thanks.

    Also thanks for the comment you left on my site. I have been so blessed to find more and more Christians through my blog.


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