Where I’ve Been


The green states are states that I have lived, and the blue states are the states that I have been to. How I managed missing West Virginia is beyond me. I guess I’ll have to make a point of visiting before we move from Virginia (if we ever do).

Unlike M, I have only traveled out of the country three times, and those trips have all been to Tijuana, Mexico (not a real desirable vacation destination unless you’re looking to buy Chicklets from small children). I came within walking distance of Canada twice, but I have never been.

I came across this video on YouTube.com. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to travel and see as many places as this guy has? Apparently he has had so much exposure from his travels (done on a “shoe-string” budget) and his silly little dance, that he has been on Good Morning America, and is also now sponsered by Stride Gum.

He has a blog too, but I have not had time to look at it yet.


9 thoughts on “Where I’ve Been

  1. Wow, that’s really cool!

    West Virginia is really Virginia. You should do a little research on its history, and see how once again the Constitution was flaunted by men now acclaimed as heroes. I submit that they are/were tyrants.

    ~Bon Dufus

  2. I love the dancing guy-I’ve seen him all over on the web. How cool would it be to do what he’s done? I love the background music.

    I remember when I was 25 I vowed to work and save and quit my job on my 30th birthday to travel the world. I celebrated my 30th birthday along with a month of marriage looking for work in Tampa-not a bad alternative IMO!

    I didn’t know you lived in California.

  3. Yes, I lived in San Diego for two years. It was during the height of the darkest times in my life.

    I would much rather be married than travel the world too. Maybe someday we can do both! (o:

  4. Hilarious!!! Having been on “Dancing Guy’s” blog, I can see that he has visited 41 countries by the age of 29. OK so the first time he went of his own accord, but the second time it was organised and paid for by someone else.

    Here’s where I’ve been:

    Northern Ireland
    Southern Ireland
    Wales (yes they are all dirrerent countries!)

    USA (yes, it is just 1 country)

    South Africa

    Abu Dhabi
    Hong Kong

    New Zealand

    26 countries during a total of 13 holidays – all paid for/organised either by myself and my huband or by my parents when I was younger) and I’m only 23! You Americans need to get out more!

  5. I had no idea that the USA was just one country. Thanks for letting me know! (o;

    Of the places you have been, which did you like the most?

  6. Ummmm – really hard question!

    I love Africa and really enjoyed all my visits there – meeting people from totally different cultures, many of whom are incredibly poor, yet have the biggest hearts and the biggest smiles! Loved the game parks in Africa too – especially Etosha in Namibia.

    The UAE was fascinating though – the competitiveness between Dubai and Abu Dhabi is unreal and the complete culture shock going into Sharjah is indescribable! A really interesting place to visit and one which is constantly changing – I hope to go back maybe in 5-10 years and I’ll bet I see a totally different place!

    USA was great – all the different parts I’ve been to – New York, Boston, Miami, Hawaii, Chicago, Denver, LA and San Fransisco.

    Was a bit let down by Hong Kong and Australia – maybe my expectations were too high! Love visiting different parts of Europe, although hate all the smoke. We’ve just recently had smoking banned in enclosed public places here in Scotland and I love it – Spain, Italy, France, Germany haven’t got that far yet and it does slightly mar your trip. (Loved the cleanliness of USA and Canada in that respect)

    Anyway, don’t know which was my favourite – they all have great memories, If I had to pick one though I’d probably say Scotland cos it’s home!

    How about you – where would be your dream destination?

  7. Well, it’s hard to say since I have only seen pictures and heard what other people have said, but the two places I want to visit the most are actually Scotland and Africa… and your post affirms that those would be two great places to visit! I would really like to see Ireland and Germany too.

    As far as the US, I think we will probably end up in Georgia, but I love the New England area (that was where I grew up) and I miss the coastal regions. Maybe we’ll live in Savannah, GA someday. Time will tell.

    What brought you and your family to traveling so much?

  8. Kate–

    It must be great to have been to so many places.

    I know you think we Americans should get out more, but bear in mind that travelling just two states over is like travelling all the way through Europe, almost. Plus, though you wouldn’t know it from t.v., the people in different parts of the U.S. are quite different. All of America is not one homogenous culture. In fact, most of us aren’t like what you see on t.v.–we watch it sort of like one watches a horror show, or some absurd comedy.

    I, of course, highly recommend the American South (Florida doesn’t count, except for northern Florida where the swamps are). I do, however, appreciate and enjoy the other regional cultures, inferior though they may be. ;>) (Shout out to my Yankee homeys…we’re cool Urs, we’re cool)

    Besides, every time Americans travel abroad, we don camo and start shooting the natives into democracy, and then no one wants us to travel anymore.

    Also, my Beloved iBiog is perhaps not the best standard for American travel experiences.

    ~Bon Dufus

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