Georgia on my Mind

We took off this weekend to visit M’s mom, and we were able to see a lot of people that we really miss. We spent our whole Saturday with M’s mom, and the girls just couldn’t get enough. We got to see M’s brother and his family too.

We were able to visit at our old church and not only hear wonderful preaching again, but we were also able to see so many people that we miss and see the J’s new baby O get baptized. He is a very special baby already since he is one of theirs, but he is also a real trooper so far in his short little life. He decided to be born two months early and he is doing wonderfully.

I seem to forget my camera, or just forget to take pictures on a lot of trips we take, but I always seem to remember when we are with our very good friends the J’s. Here we all are at a Japanese Steakhouse (thank you D!). This was my first experience at one of these places and it was so much fun, not to mention how good the food was too!


The girls K, E, and R looking at turtles in the window box (above). The newest adorable addition to the J family (below). (He was happy until I pulled out the camera.)


Hoping to see you all again soon! (o:


One thought on “Georgia on my Mind

  1. We really missed seeing ya’ll too! I am glad you were able to be there for O’s baptism. Ben and I are really ill with what the girls had last week. We hated missing church, the baptism, and the fellowship. Hopefully you’ll come back again soon!

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