The World Cup

M has the day off today, and he will be found here for a large portion of that time:

The green that you see on the t.v. screen is the soccer field — a place where M’s feet used to dwell daily.

I’m not sure how many of you know of his past in soccer, but he played very competitively in his younger days. His High School team was one of the best in the country– in fact, they used to travel to Germany to play… and win. In fact, they won every game they played against the Germans.

He was offered many full scholarships to colleges in the U.S. including the Citadel, and Oglethorpe. He was also offered a spot on Duke’s soccer team. He turned them all down. I think he got sick of it.

I personally am glad he turned them down, because if he hadn’t, he may not have met me! And that would have been very very sad.


3 thoughts on “The World Cup

  1. Don’t worry-we’re doing the same here. Mexico won, Poland needs to win vs. Germany tomorrow…

    I’m :( by M’s Quote of Relatively Recent Origin as my family is all in that area of the world. It is a place that is breathtakingly beautiful and rich with centuries of arts, culture and history. Don’t forget-many of our greatest scientific and creative minds came from that area of the world, and it’s actually quite a wonderful place to call home.

    And I’m sad that I’m not going home with my father and brother tomorrow.

  2. He really didn't mean anything by it Urs… he actually was mimicking a quote from someone else who said, "We may have lost, but at least we don't have to go home to West Virginia." He honestly doesn't have anything against the Czech Republic (or West Virginia).

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