Shakespeare Gardens


This is where we went before the polls closed on election day (this past Tuesday). It was just beautiful there and nice & relaxing. (o:



3 thoughts on “Shakespeare Gardens

  1. What beautiful pictures! I’m glad you have the pic of you & R in there-just goes to show how much she looks like her mama! It’s so cool to see how E is the spitting image of M and R is of you. I also love the one of R with the lavender in the foreground and both girls.

    You know what they remind me of? The book (& movie) The Secret Garden. I’m inspired to take some shots when we go out later-I just wish we had better greenspace within walking distance.

  2. Thanks Urs. (o: If you don't have good "green space" try taking some pics anyway and altering the saturation some. I didn't have to alter these pics a whole lot, but a good editing program can sure turn mediocre pics into excellent ones.

    Did they make a movie out of The Secret Garden? I love that book.

  3. Yes! There is the original English version from back in the 50’s then there was another version done in the 90’s that was beautiful, too. The original was great because all of the scenes beyond the garden wall were in black & white and all scenes inside were in color. Both would be great for you & the girls to watch.

    The Picasa program is great-I think I like it better than Photoshop for what I do with photos.

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