Major Bummer

All the candidates we were rooting for and working so hard for have lost. Every last one of them. I guess it’s just not their time– the people have chosen who they want to rule over them.

How disappointing. We’ll see what the future brings for Alabama…

And now, M gets to actually start his internship– what we really came here for.


One thought on “Major Bummer

  1. You have to keep things in perspective: As you can see, we did come away with a plate full of leftover cheese, grapes and cold-cuts, and also three balloons. On top of it all, there was a stunning moon out on that unseasonably pleasant night.

    As Hank Fowler remarked, General Patton once said: “The great leaders are the ones that bounce the highest after hitting the floor.”

    He also noted that it was no small thing for him to go from unknown to having a little over 100,000 people vote for his placement on the highest state court. That’s almost like two Lynchburg’s.

    Still, it is difficult to pour yourself so completely into something you believe in, only to come up apparently empty-handed. I say apparently because that’s what it is. The victory is in serving Christ, not in results, which are solely in His capable hands. We all grew and learned, and many others did, as well.

    The men we were pulling-for may not have advanced to the desired political offices, but the Kingdom of God most definetely advanced in the lives of hundreds, at least, and quite possibly tens of thousands who heard and responded.

    Therein lies victory. Our hope is not in political dominion, but in Christ’s dominion of the human soul.

    The kingdom of darkness fled a little more.

    ~Bon Dufus

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