Campaigning Joys & Woes

We’ve had another very busy week here, but the end is in sight. Election day is on Tuesday, and hopefully things will settle down a little after that.

I designed a newspaper ad (M wrote it) which came out today and will also be in Sunday’s paper:


We had also been scrambling around this week trying to get a targeted letter mailed out to about 500 people for support and votes. I think we had run into just about every snag possible to slow us down, but we kept/keep trudging forward.

Kinko’s was very kind to set us back about 3 hours because they wouldn’t let me scan in Col. Fowler’s signature so that we could have it in electronic format for the mailing. He even called the store on the phone while I was standing there and they still wouldn’t do it. Their own published regulations on signatures and copyrights didn’t even prohibit it. I was furious and left about 45 minutes later in search of another scanner (it was about 9 pm at this point and the mailing needed to go out the next day).

After a few more time-killing snags of downloading and installing a driver, everything eventually fell into place, and we had lots of helping hands stuffing envelopes the next day.

We have met so many great people during all the running around and craziness. I have learned a lot in these few weeks, and am very thankful for this experience even though it has been hard at times.

The men that we have been campaigning for are all great Christian men with a heart for God’s law and a desire for His wisdom. Tom Parker is running for Chief Justice and currently already holds a seat on the Alabama Supreme Court. The other three men, Hank Fowler, Ben Hand, and Alan Zeigler, are all running for seats on the Alabama Supreme Court. Judge Roy Moore (remember the Ten Commandments guy?) is also running for Governor. Please be in prayer for these men this Tuesday.

M’s mom is driving in from Atlanta tomorrow morning, and we will be doing nothing but celebrating E’s birthday all day. We are still planning a trip to the zoo, and then cake and ice-cream and presents at the house. We’re all really looking forward to some family time! 

(Click here to listen to an ad for Justice Parker’s campaign)


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