Flowers – Vol. 4


M brought these Gerber Daisies home for me this morning after getting some milk and o.j. at the store. These are the same kind of flowers we used at our wedding– I just love them.

I think that we are taking a little break from all of the campaign work today and are mainly going to spend some time with each other. The girls could use a little more attention from us– they have been pretty patient through it all so far (thank the Lord for the backyard!).

M is “resting” today also by doing some work around the yard. That type of work helps him to think, that is, unless it’s his regular job. (o:  I woke up this morning to the sound of the lawnmower, and he has also uncovered a brick walkway in the backyard that was totally overgrown with ivy.


I did a little reading on the Harris twins’ blog this morning, and found a very encouraging post by Brett Harris. The post itself is very encouraging and insightful, especially since we have been working on the same campaign (they have been at it a lot longer than we have). It is also encouraging to see that someone at the age of 17 can think, feel, act and write this way. If this is part of the result of homeschooling and strong Christian teaching and family life, then I am very excited for our girls’ future.

The Lord is true to His promises if we trust in Him! 


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