Sprinklers, Politics & Missed Birthdays


It has been crazy busy here for the past several days… although it didn’t really start off that way for me and the girls. It was actually pretty boring for us at first. M has been working long hours and was sometimes home as late as 10:30 p.m.

So, the girls and I had been entertaining ourselves around the house and in the yard and got out the sprinkler one afternoon. They just had a blast.


After they went to bed that night, I stayed up and watched various midget shows on T.V. until M got home. They have the craziest reality shows on now! I really am glad we don’t normally have cable.

Well, it was beginning to bother me about M’s long hours– but, that has all changed now. The long working hours have not changed, but I am no longer alone with the girls during these times.

Meetings started being held at our house.

A friend of ours came in from Atlanta to stay with us for a few days while helping with some of the campaign issues. 

We were up to all hours talking at night.

On Monday morning, while I was still in my p.j.’s, we get a call saying that several people were on their way to our house including some people directly involved with the State Supreme Court. I just had to swallow my pride, throw some clothes on and brush my teeth. People were coming in and out of our house all day long, and it was honestly exciting for awhile, but then I got to the point where I’m thinking, I need to do some laundry!

Well, that was yesterday, and the day didn’t start settling down until about 8:30 p.m. and we never got to celebrate M’s Birthday. Yup– yesterday was his Birthday. So, I made his cake this morning thinking we would be able to celebrate tonight, but then I found out that he is going out with the Justice again to some radio interview and then a dinner and he won’t be home until fairly late tonight.

So… we’ll celebrate tomorrow maybe.


And here the cake will wait…


3 thoughts on “Sprinklers, Politics & Missed Birthdays

  1. Happy Birthday to M!

    As a wife of a busy working husband, the days get fairly long and can get boring! Especially now that we are down to 1 car. I’ve occupied myself with photos, the blog, taking walks and taking “the mayor” to the pool. What I tell myself is that this is just a short time that we’ll have to live like this and eventually either when we have our own business or C gets more experience he’ll be able to get a good 9-5 job. It’s just one of those sacrifices we make now so that the future is better. Hang in there-you’ll be back in familiar territory before you know it!

  2. You guys are busy! I have always found I get so much accomplished when Ben has late meetings. I am more willing to do projects to occupy my time that I may have otherwise put aside . Staying busy helps and the time away always makes us appreciate our husbands and daddy’s even more. Hopefully you’ll have a sweet celebration before that cake expires!

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