Stewart… the Car

We needed to bring it to carry all of our stuff for the summer. It has been sitting, un-driven for close to 2 years. It is our beloved 1986 Volvo Wagon. We have had this car since 1999. We bought it after I quit my job as a web-site designer about 2 weeks before I had E. With one less paycheck we needed to make some changes, and scaling down to one vehicle was one of them. We traded in M’s Bronco (“Bruce”) and my Toyota (“Emily”) for “Stewart”, the Volvo (this was back when we still named our cars… now we just name our children). 

Stewart has been a faithful car, but now has a large hole in the exhaust manifold (this repair would cost more than what the car is worth), so that it sounds like an 18 wheeler when it is driven. One of the back tires has a slow leak so that we have to pump air into it at most stops. Also, the entire interior of the car is covered in mildew due to a bad seal in the sunroof. On top of all of that, it has close to 200,000 miles on it. I was skeptical, but it made it on our 500+ mile trip here!

I so badly wanted to take a few pictures as I followed M on the highway, but he snagged the camera when I wasn’t looking and ran down the battery taking pictures on the way. The batteries were dead by the time we got to his brother’s house, so– no pics from that short visit. But, happily enough, we have a sampling of M’s photo-genius. I had been curious why the car was swerving so much on the highway until I downloaded these pictures onto the computer.


That’s me and the girls in the rear-view mirror. And if you are wondering what the 4th picture from the top is… that is what we had to do to the head-liner in order to get to the manual gear crank to close the malfunctioning sun roof.

may-12-049.jpgI just want to know who was driving when he took this picture.


2 thoughts on “Stewart… the Car

  1. Well– as much as I love Stewart… I have a hard time putting our children in a vehicle with a completely mildewed interior. It really is just gross. I’m pretty sure he’s going once M is out of school and working. (o:

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