Living Among Someone Else’s Things

Okay… we are here and we are finally back online. This is my kitchen for the summer:


M started work on Monday and has been enjoying it quite a bit.

The girls have been absolutely loving the backyard, and I have liked having a little time to get some things done while they are outside. The whole backyard is fenced in and shaded.

I am so much enjoying this house that we are borrowing/renting. The Professor who owns the house has a lot of character, and you can see it where ever you look. We are so thankful for this experience.

More pics and details to come…


6 thoughts on “Living Among Someone Else’s Things

  1. We are actually a little further south than you are believe it or not!

    It’s not really a vacation (even though it sort of feels like one so far). M is here for an externship with Justice Tom Parker. He has also been working on Parker’s campaign since he is running for Chief Justice. Judge Roy Moore (you remember him, right?) is also running for Governor. Exciting times here!

    And to think… me…a New Englander… excited about being in Alabama! Stranger things have happened in my life I suppose. (o:

  2. Looks like they have great personalities by their funky kitchen!

    You might be a New Englander in Alabama, but you can never lose those bits of salt water and granite in your soul! I cling to mine with white knuckles!

  3. I know, I was just kidding about the vacation home thing! =) I thought it sounded good “vacation home”. Exactly what is the difference between an internship and externship? I am sure M is in all his glory!

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