The color scheme all started with this little dresser.


It was M’s when he was a little boy. His mother bought it and painted it white, with blue and orange knobs. After I had E, it was brought out from the basement and painted 2 shades of yellow with pink, and green accents. We were all living in one bedroom at N’s house right after E was born, and these were the colors that I wanted to paint a baby’s room if we had one.

Since then, we have moved over 8 times, and although E has, for the most part, had her own room during that time, for some reason or another I had never painted it the way I had envisioned when she was a baby.

Well, now this dresser has been handed down to R, and I still haven’t finished the flower pattern on the top. The girls share their room and I finally painted it two shades of yellow, with pink, and green accents. 

It is very yellow. Bright yellow. Brighter yellow than I expected.

But I think I like it.



I got all of the curtains in this room (4 panels) on eBay for $11.00– they are even lined! The beds were from for about $119.00 each (I couldn’t use these beds after all because the side rails were broken, and I couldn’t find a replacement that fit). The Pottery Barn duvet covers were .99 cents and $14.50, and the bedskirts were $8.50, and $11.00– all on eBay. 


4 thoughts on “Yellow

  1. I love the creativity! It looks sooo good!! When did your girls start sleeping in the same room (in beds together). I am wondering about a good time for my kiddos.

  2. I’m so happy that Oliver is coming home, and that it didn’t end up being as long as they thought. I’m looking forward to seeing pictures of the baby from Elizabeth!

    The girls have always shared a room, and for a long time they even shared a twin bed together. Sometimes it was hard with naps, but now R is the only one that naps in the afternoon, so it’s nice.

    I want them to always share a room even if we have tons of bedrooms someday (I may change my mind when they are in their teens). I think it’s good for them.

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