Dental Abominations

april-07.jpgOkay, I know on my about page I said that I probably won’t be telling any of my problems on this website, but remember– I said probably… and yesterday, I sat in a dentist’s chair for about 3 1/2 hours getting my teeth drilled. I didn’t mention this on here before, but when I had my root canal the other week, I ran into some huge problems with my dentist. The normal course of action for this sort of thing would be that he would send me to an endodontist for the procedure — a root canal, and a filling. After that I would go back to the dentist for the crown.

Well, apparently, for some unknown reason, my dentist had told the endodontist not to do the filling. I did not find out about this until after I was sitting in the endodontist’s chair with my mouth all numbed– minutes before the root canal. If I had any time to think about it, I would have told him not to do the root canal if he was not able to do the filling also. But, as it turned out, I was left with a root canal and a cotton ball in my hollow tooth, with a piece of tape over the whole thing.

I was mad. Especially since I had already read an interview with George Meinig, D.D.S. , and was skeptical about getting a root canal at all.

I went in to talk to my dentist the next day to find out that he was planning on doing the filling himself– and charging me almost TWICE what the endodontist would have charged. On top of that, he was going to charge me $1200 for the crown alone! Seeing that this price tag would currently be impossible for us, I found another dentist. And this is why I was sitting in the dental chair for 3 1/2 hours yesterday.

He had to re-drill part of the root canal to put a post in for the filling to adhere to, then do the filling, then make a temporary crown, and then fill a cavity in a different tooth that was really close to the nerve. Since it was so close to the nerve, he had to shoot me up with Novocain six times. After the 5th time, I almost passed out, and the dentist had to put warm wash cloths on my forehead. It was horrible.

After that was over with, me and my very sore mouth picked up the girls from my friend’s house, and picked up M from law school, and proceeded on to the doctor to have them checked for Lyme Disease (remember the ticks? — R was bit by one too a few days before E’s incident). I have been concerned of the possiblity of Lyme Disease ever since it happened (they were deer ticks), and have had several people tell me of their concerns as well.

Good news– they are both in good health, and the doctor said that she did not think there was any threat of Lyme Disease. But, me being a mother, she told me that I could go get a blood test done at the hospital if I wanted to. I was going to bring them today, but they both woke up with colds, so we are going to have to wait.

I’m fine.
(Have you seen the movie Elizabethtown?)

You know what? It is fine. God is in control, and these things are good for us.

“And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.” ~Romans 8:28 


6 thoughts on “Dental Abominations

  1. UHhh – Dental work is never fun stuff, but that sounded especially “un-fun’! =) I hope you get over the trauma. (mouth and pocket!) I’ve never understood why exactly dental work is sooo expensive. You look pitiful. Did you ask for some pain killers? =)

  2. Oh, I’m so sorry! I hope you reported that dentist to someone — he sounds corrupt.

    And you will be fine. All will be well. With you and the kids. :)

  3. Yuck. So sorry you got such a run around. I agree. I think that you should report his actions, too. Maybe you can help prevent something similar happening to someone else.

  4. I was sorry to hear about you bad dental experience in April. I was just cruising the internet for some comfort for myself. tomorrow at 8:00 am, i have to undergo extensive dental work myself and i am scared to death of the dentist. The dentist told me he would have me in the chair for over three and a half hours (two hours or more of drilling time). I just hope he gets me numb enough to stand it, but generally, he is pretty good about that. One time I had a crown prepped and he numbed me up so good that I didn’t feel a thing while he used the drill. He drilled deeper and deeper into my tooth and I gently laid back in the chair with my mouth opened as wide as I could get it. I completely surrendered my innibitions to him, allowing him to do what he needed to do with me. That was the first time in my entire life I felt that way about any dentist. I have been going to him for fourteen years, but i am still very nervous regardless. He isn’t the gentlist dentist I have gone to (he is a litte rough sometimes), but I like him so much. I just don’t know how I will handle being in that chair for that length of time. It is all so intimidating and frightening to me (just the thought of being in the chair scares me so much).
    How did you handle being in the chair for that length of time, especially when you were apprehensive about it in the first place? What a terrible thing to put you through and not finish the job he had started, putting you through more pain and discomfort. Shame on him.
    You were so brave though and I admire your courage in facing up to it.

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