Serenade to the Neighbors



For some reason E has been wanting to practice her violin on the back porch lately. I think it’s really cute. (o:

Right now she is learning song #5, O Come, Little Children.


3 thoughts on “Serenade to the Neighbors

  1. Great pictures. I just wish I could hear the music, too.
    Some friends of ours just came back from vacation in Florida visiting their family. During a layover in the Denver airport, their 5 year old son decided to pull out his violin to practice. Apparently, when he took it out to play, he left the case open on the floor next to him. People started dropping change in and when he began playing Beethoven’s 9th a man walked up and threw a 20 dollar bill in. They’ve been joking that he makes more money per hour than his own parents do!
    I’ve been catching up on my bloglines account and have just read through a big backlog on your site. Lots going on! Always, right?

  2. Siri– that’s a pretty funny story. Maybe we need to start hanging out at the airport. (o:

    Stephanie– She started when she was 4. It’s hard to say when is a good age for them to start… it kind of depends on the child and also on the teacher. Some say you should not start them until they are 6 or 7, but E really wanted to and had been asking to take lessons since she was 3, so we went ahead and got her started.

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