Golf & Sweet Tea


I have been answering questions on for over 5 years now, and finally, FINALLY, I got a gift certificate to Target for all of my hard work. As I walked up and down the aisles of Target, E suggested I get just about everything that caught her eye, until eventually I was herded into the golf isle. I think she wanted me to get her a set a clubs (I may do that for her Birthday — sssh! don’t tell!), but I decided to get myself some golf shoes so that I could try to play golf with M.

So now, when we have the time (or don’t have the time), we run down to the driving range and hit a bucket of balls and then come back home and start slaving away again. (o; I was not sure whether I would like it or not, and so far we have only been to the driving range twice (meaning– I have only played golf twice in my whole life), but I think I really like it. I did better today than I did the first time, which is good because I think if I miss the ball much more, I’m going to rip out every muscle in my back (it hurts when you miss the ball!). The girls have loved going with us and playing around in the grass behind us.

So Dad, when you come to visit us again, we can all go play golf! And that goes for the entire Z family as well (the family of 7, who all but 2 own their own set of golf clubs). I have never actually played a real game yet, so maybe I should hold my tongue!

april-18-038.jpgWhen we came home from the driving range today, I made a big pitcher of Sweet Tea. It’s been awhile since I’ve made it and I had forgotten how good it is. Before I met M, I had never heard of sweet tea, and for all of my Yankee family members out there, I will tell you what it is not. It is NOT iced tea with an extra packet of sugar, and it is NOT sun tea, and it is NOT Long Island Iced Tea… this is Southern Sweet Tea. M has taught me a lot about the South through the years, but this was one of (if not THE) first things he taught me. 

As soon as we moved down to Kentucky after we were married in New England, he asked the wife of his pastor (who was actually from South Carolina) to teach me how to make Sweet Tea. And now I can make it just as good, if not better, than any true Southerner that I know (well, that’s what M tells me).

M has a week and a half left of classes before finals, and I have been working like crazy trying to get the house and everything else ready to leave for the summer. I am hoping that life will soon be more relaxing like these pictures on this post look! 


3 thoughts on “Golf & Sweet Tea

  1. Hey Stephanie. ePoll is okay… they usually ask you questions about television programs that I have never heard of. When there is a poll available to take, they send you an email with a link to it, and when you’re done you get a certain number of points for each poll.

    They don’t send poll invitations very often once you start racking up the points. It actually may not even be worth the time, but I didn’t realize it would take so long to get anything good when I started out.

  2. The ice in your sweet tea looks like a goldfish – eww! Just exactly HOW do you make sweet tea, anyway? :)

    Are you SURE you want family to comment on your blog? You asked for it! I came very close to commenting about the blue bumpy bowl since I remember it a little differently. A little more in my favor, and a lot less in yours! :) Younger siblings do have a tendency to be a little dramatic and embellish stories, you know.

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