Annapolis, MD — July 2004

Just about two years ago– the summer before law school started, we went to Annapolis, Maryland with some friends, AF and MF, that we had met here from the law school. AF was actually a recruiter for the law school, and then became a student once all was underway. I believe he was a large part in the early success of the law school, mainly because he successfully recruited M. (o;

E was about a year older than R is right now (which is weird to think about), and she took all of these pictures from a little plastic camera that she had gotten as a gift. After talking about all of the film that I had not yet developed from my other post, I decided to just pick one roll and mail it in, and these are some from that roll we got back.

Here are two shots taken by me (from her camera) of the little photographer:



All of these pictures were all taken before the law school “storm”…we were so innocent.


Can you believe how little and cute R was in this next picture? She was such a sweet baby. (o:


These last two pictures are of our friends.


They are expecting their first baby next month! In fact, I’m going to MF’s baby shower today. Hopefully her hubby will be finished with his finals before she goes into labor! (Talk about stress!)


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