A Day in the Life of “E”

We took a walk to the coffee shop yesterday– E and R got their very first iced frappachino since they didn’t have any of the organic vanilla or chocolate milk that they usually get. They both seemed to be very happy with the idea of having their very own coffee though. They were really cute.

We went out into the little gazebo outside the shop with our coffees, and on the way we had to step over a huge pile of broken glass just outside the gazebo. Of course the girls were very curious about it –especially since they were told to not go anywhere near it. E was especially curious and stood there for several minutes staring at it all. We had a small discussion about how the glass could possibly have gotten there and who did it, etc. E was eventually satisfied with an elaborate explanation that she devised by herself. She said that a bunch of people must have all been carrying some nice pretty glass things, and they all bumped into eachother in that spot.

On the walk home, the girls picked lots of flowers. With a huge bunch of flowers in her hand, E said, “Mommy, I love you so much. I’m going to give you all of these flowers, and I am giving them to you for no reason at all”.


The poor girl actually had a rough day. I found a small tick on her belly that afternoon, and during the process of trying to get it off, she passed out! I guess the whole idea of having a tick on her was just too much. I layed her down onto the carpet and she came to –asking for peanuts. I gave her some water and peanuts, and she started to feel better after sitting on the sofa for several minutes. She denies that her fainting had anything to do with the tick though. She said that she must have just really needed to eat some peanuts.

I’m guessing she inherited the fainting genes from me. I have passed out many times in my life, and the first time was when I was very young also. It was after a fairly gruesome scene from an old pre-70’s version of Dracula. The second time I passed out was in 5th grade while my school teacher was reading a book to the class and got to a graphic scene with an ax going into a boy’s stomach. I can’t remember the name of the book for the life of me– does anyone else remember this book?

At dinner time we told M all about our day and about the tick, etc. etc. Then I turned to E and asked if she wanted to tell Papa what she and R got to drink at the coffee shop.

Her whole face lit up and she exclaimed, “A Crappachino!”


7 thoughts on “A Day in the Life of “E”

  1. I was NOTORIOUS when I was young for fainting in church at Easter. My uncle used to love teasing me beforehand. Our Easter service is 2-3 hours long and it’s tradition not to eat anything until after mass because of Christ’s resurrection. Well, this little chick needed some juice beforehand…guess it was my pre-diabetic condition rearing it’s ugly head even as a little girl.

    E’s such a funny girl!

  2. That last line is a classic! Too cute.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and for sharing a bit about yourself. That's what it's all about. And God's plan always turns out so much better than what I imagined in my own plan – so need to keep trusting Him.
    The military is moving us from beautiful central VA to El Paso – but only for a year. :-) After that, who knows! It's all an adventure.

  3. I want to try a Crapachino sometime! Say hi to E and R for me. I think the book you are talking about is “Where the Red Fern Grows”. I miss you guys!

  4. Hi Andrea! It’s about time someone from my family posted a comment on here (besides your Uncle M). (o: You’re right about the book I was describing, thank you… it was driving me crazy that I couldn’t think of it.

    By the way– you’re either my favorite niece, or my second favorite niece… I keep going back and forth. You all need to just come and visit to help me decide. (o;

  5. Ursula– that story is hilarious! Although I’m sure it wasn’t very funny when you were little. A 2-3 hour service is long even on a full belly. (o:

    Journey to Mom– Sorry you have to leave Virginia, but I hope you enjoy El Paso. I’ve never been, but it’s probably very pretty there.

    Michelle– The book wasn’t “Hatchet” (as you can see from my last comment), but thanks for the guess! What is that book about? Sounds kind of gory. :oP

  6. My 5th grade teacher read Where The Red Fern Grows to us, too. On nice days, she would take us out to a nice wooded area at the edge of the school playground and read from the book. She also brought a box of Kleenex with her, and on the day she read the saddest part of the story, there wasn’t a single dry eye, not even the boys. We just passed the box around and sobbed together through the story, our teacher included.
    I remember my cousin fainting in church while she stood next to me, and several doctors coming running to her aide. Apparently she locked her knees too hard while she stood for a long time. Lack of food might have been part of it, too, I suppose.
    I’ve only fainted once and it was after a long day of hiking without enough food and water and then a long soak in a natural hot springs in the woods. I felt woozy so I got out of the water to cool off. I heard a friend of mine calling my name as I started to fall and the next thing I knew I was head first, downhill, looking right at the base of a big tree, in my swimsuit, with evergreen needles stuck all over my skin. We still had to hike a ways out after that.

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