Electronic vs. Static

After all these years of taking digital pictures, I FINALLY have gotten some developed.

Don’t ask me why it took so long because I don’t know. Well, I suppose I can guess. I know I have been unsure of what kind of quality I am going to get from digital, but I think the main reason for my delay may be because I am always afraid of how much it’s going to cost me in the end. I have memories of past film developing experiences being so expensive and then most of them just end up getting shoved into a box somewhere (I still have rolls of undeveloped film from me and M’s wedding day!). It’s different though when it’s digital. I can be very choosy, and only develop the ones I really want, and keep the rest on a cd (someday, when I get around to that!).

Well, now I have these great pictures of the girls in our livingroom –for a mere 4 bucks (which included shipping). M bought me these frames this past winter and they had just been hanging on the wall with nothing in them since January.


You may recognize some of these pictures from one of my posts last month when M and the girls went exploring through the woods.


3 thoughts on “Electronic vs. Static

  1. Aw, those look cute. Yeah, I never get my digitals developed. Mainly because I don’t want to put them into albums. ;) So I just coded myself a digital gallery.

    For my frames I like to get the cheap professional pics at Wal*Mart when they have the $1.99 packages. And no, I don’t make it worth their time by buying all the extras. ;)

  2. I love the collage of R! Too cute! I've gotten great shots, too. I always send pictures quarterly to my mom who loves them. And it's great because you pick and choose which ones you want. I have to do the same with A. I haven't printed many for us at all!

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