Blue Ridge Mountains


We have lived fairly close to the Blue Ridge Parkway for a few years now, and have finally gotten around to taking a drive along a section of it. I guess these post-Church Sunday drives in the Spring have become a tradition for us. Spring came a little earlier this year than it did last year, and we have been enjoying the warm weather quite a bit. I did notice that the higher up the mountain we got, the less green it looked. There was an obvious difference in the temperature also– at least 10o cooler.



This next picture was not quite at the top of the mountain that we were on, but it was the highest point that I was able to get a picture before the batteries in the camera died.


As some of you know, one of my ears has been plugged up for about 2 weeks now (not exactly sure why– allergies maybe?), and what was interesting was that when we started to make our way back down the mountian, I felt a good bit of relief in my ear at about 2800 feet. Unfortunately, by the time we reached the bottom again, my ear was completely plugged up again.


4 thoughts on “Blue Ridge Mountains

  1. We traveled the Blue Ridge Parkway in our motorhome, but found it challenging for the big rigs we had. After that we took another highway–can’t remember what it was. What a beautiful area. Thank you for sharing.

    Check out my site. Just had my 1000th hit. I’m celebrating.



  2. Odd. The pictures don't always show up right on this entry. The first time I read it, I only saw the middle two pics. When I clicked on comments, the last one showed up. Then I went back and refreshed until I saw all (?) four. Another refresh and I was back to three, two, four… That's strange, huh?

    Anyway, the first pic — of the highway and the purple flowering trees – is SO pretty! :)

  3. Hey Michelle– that’s wierd. I don’t know why the pictures would do that. Hopefully it’s just a one time thing because I wouldn’t know how to fix something like that.

    Btw, my blog was worth $0.00 when I submitted my url. You should go ahread and cash in your $38,338.72!

  4. We also live near the BlueRidge – it’s a beautiful area. I’m sad to say that the military is moving us to the desert this summer. I’m discovering I’ll miss it more than I realized as our departure grows closer. Thanks for sharing the pictures- great shots.

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