Blog Anniversary

I started this blog 1 year ago today (on Blogger… I transferred to WordPress). Today is also my sister’s birthday– Happy Birthday B! (o:



The girls have been enjoying the outdoors for the past few days (and so have I). I am so glad they have a place to play outside now. The other day they went out for a few hours with Papa, and came in covered from head to toe with dirt– literally. They also each had about a half a cup of dirt in each of their shoes. And you know what? I was happy to see it. I am a strong believer that dirt is good for kids.

The house that we will be living in this summer has a fenced in back yard too, and we are all really looking forward to that. M is excited about doing a little landscaping in that yard also– he has missed that some after sitting behind the books for so long. I’m sure the Professor will be happy about it as well!


One thought on “Blog Anniversary

  1. Happy Bloggiversary P!

    I, too, believe that playing in the dirt is good for all of us and miss my little yard in Somerville-my roses, my lillies, my mini rock irises, my herb garden. You can take the girl off the farm, but you can't take the farm from the girl. I can't wait to see Andrew rolling in the grass and digging his fingers into the earth.

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