Smoothie Time!

Today is the first day of spring, and since is it doesn’t really feel like spring today, we decided to make smoothies since that is a warm-weathered thing that we like to do here.


Mmm, mmm, good!


God at Work

M was on Spring Break this week– although it was not what you would generally call a break.

On Monday, we drove down to Georgia to return a borrowed truck to M’s mom, and attend a funeral for the father of M’s brother’s wife, H.  We are all very sorry for her and her family.

After the funeral we continued on to Alabama, where M will intern this summer, in an effort to make plans for a place to live. We were not sure how this was all going to come together… it seemed we had many hurdles to overcome. We needed something cheap (we will be paying for our apartment here also), that would do a 3 month lease, and take pets. We also had to figure out where we were going to borrow or rent furniture, and kitchen supplies, etc. And there was also the issue of utilities being hooked up and then disconnected for such a short stay.

There were some very nice (but pricey) apartments that were recommended to us, but they had so many fees and deposits that it would have set us back a lot. We did not have much “luck” in our search for the first day and a half, and we were getting very discouraged.

While we were back at the hotel room getting ready to attend oral argument at the court where M will be working, I kept wondering to myself how God would work this one out– I certainly was at a loss for ideas. After the arguments, we got to meet the judge M will work for and he asked about our search for a place to live. After we told him that it was not seeming very encouraging, he told us to wait, and he disappeared behind a door for a few minutes.

Long story short. His chief of staff put in many phone calls to many people and places (churches, universities, etc.) and a few hours later, we had news of a professor who would be needing someone to rent his fully furnished home for the summer! The dates coincided perfectly to his and our needs!

I know that God is in control of every detail of every person’s life. Some days it’s just more obvious than others.

We are back home now, and little Mr. Oliver survived being alone for four days straight (two litter boxes and a massive bowl of food and water). He’s such a good kitty! M starts up school again on Monday, and will keep chugging away until May, and then it’s off to “Sweet Home Alabama!” … or as R says, “Sweet home Awabama! Where the sky is so nice and blue!”

A Walk in the Woods

This is a post that I started several days ago before we went out of town. M and the girls took a walk through the woods and were able to explore the area around our home. I have a lot to tell you all about this week, but I’ll go ahead and post these pics first.

Rocks & Blooms

I have this growing collection of rocks that E and R keep bringing me. These are gifts given with love, and they are thought of by the little givers as wonderful gifts. I can’t bear to throw them out, so they are being collected on this little ledge in my kitchen. I may make something with them if the collection gets large enough.

M got me this shamrock plant and balloon yesterday because, yes, now it’s my turn again, I’m not feeling well. Can you believe it? Blah. I’m not super sick, just a sore throat and tired. Grrr. I feel a little better today, so hopefully this one won’t last.

The next picture of the tree is a little view into some of the springtime weather we have been experiencing. We have had all of our windows open these last several days and I am now barefoot. It’s been really nice. Below is a picture of E who is supposed to be napping right now.


Sidewalk Chalk

It’s starting to look and feel a little like spring here. The daffodils are blooming and I saw a few dandelions today also. Today was about 72 degrees, and it looks like it is going to get progressively warmer until Sunday when they say it will be 83! We all got out for a walk today, and then E and I did a little sidewalk chalk while R napped.