I Would Like to Learn about Rainbows


E has been reading for a few months now, which has opened the door into a little writing too. I have been finding little notes and lists and stories all over the house. She left me this one in front of my bedroom door last night (photo above).


She wrote this short story (above) for Papa yesterday. It reads,

“Dog is so happy. He really likes me. My dog likes salt and pepper. My dog likes me to read him books. He likes candy, but I don’t give him it.”

She later explained that she doesn’t give her dog any candy because it’s not good for him (there’s my girl!). We obviously need to work on her spelling, penmanship, and word spacing, but that will all come with time and practice.


I found this little magnetic bunny stuck to her hairclip the other day. She’s so funny. (o:


3 thoughts on “I Would Like to Learn about Rainbows

  1. There you go… this is the beginning of a budding Jane Austen. You to E that Mrs. Kitchen taught school and I am quite encouraged by her writings. She is doing a wonderful job with phonetics and her handwriting is coming along so nicely! You have done a good job teaching her apparently.

    I have recently been exploring many new curriculum to use with AG. I am excited to go the homeschool convention in May. Have you ever been? I just started a phonics and reading program a few weeks ago and we have been working a great deal on handwriting to go along with the sounds/letters we learn.

    Was there a phonics and reading program you especailly liked? You must reveal! E seems as if she can start journaling daily now in a composition style book. It is fun to keep a journal because you can easily look back upon the pages to previous dates and observe the improvement. That was always one great help to my students. I would usually supply a “starter” and then would review their work invidually after they completed and give praise, encouragement, suggestions for revision and improvement. They were allowed to draw a picture at the bottom of the page after they completed the assignment. I usually had to tell them it needed to be atleast so many sentences. I would start with 4 at the beginning of the year and by the end they were writing pages out of their own accord.

    Fostering a love of writing is key. It seems that little E is off to a great start.

  2. Thanks for the encouragement Stephanie. (o: She has learned the “Pattie Phonics program” which just involved me teaching her to recognize her letters and then the sounds. I bought a kindergarden curriculum last Fall, but I soon realized that I had already taught her most of what was in the program, so she is moving on to 1st grade in a few weeks here. She is mostly learning different phonics rules now (like the magic ‘e’ etc). This year I decided to pick and choose rather than going with a full curriculum — which is very expensive, and not really worth the money as far as I’m concerned. It was good to get me started though, just so I had an idea of what to expect.

    There is a homeschool convention about 2 hours away from here sometime soon, but I already bought all of next year’s stuff, so I may not go. If it were closer I would probably go anyway just to get ideas, but it’s kind of far.

    Thanks for the journal idea. I think she would really love that.

  3. Um, thanks, honey, for passing that off as E’s work, but there’s no need to shield me. Those writings are mine. I’ve learned so much in law school. I have to take baby steps…

    ~Bon Dufus

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