Rocks & Blooms

I have this growing collection of rocks that E and R keep bringing me. These are gifts given with love, and they are thought of by the little givers as wonderful gifts. I can’t bear to throw them out, so they are being collected on this little ledge in my kitchen. I may make something with them if the collection gets large enough.

M got me this shamrock plant and balloon yesterday because, yes, now it’s my turn again, I’m not feeling well. Can you believe it? Blah. I’m not super sick, just a sore throat and tired. Grrr. I feel a little better today, so hopefully this one won’t last.

The next picture of the tree is a little view into some of the springtime weather we have been experiencing. We have had all of our windows open these last several days and I am now barefoot. It’s been really nice. Below is a picture of E who is supposed to be napping right now.



3 thoughts on “Rocks & Blooms

  1. Feel better Pattie! If you have any GoL Seasonal Relief or Perfect food, I got rid of mine in a day from taking 4 of each 3x per day. I can pop what I have left in the mail if you’d like! We just got the nebulizer for Andrew last night, so we had our first session this morning…without incident!

    You should try to find a nice big aquarium or vase and make a terrarium with your rocks! And it’s a great fun science project for school, too! ;) I think has the info on how to make one-I saw her doing them on there one day. As the girls get more, they can make their own and even make them as gifts for people.

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