Warm Enough for Swimming in New Hampshire

We had a rule when my brother and sister and I were growing up.

No swimming unless it was sunny and at least 70 degrees out.

We used to all pile into the back of the car under a big wool blanket with all the windows rolled up on our drive to the lake so that we would be “hot” enough to swim. The initial plunge into the cold water was a little uncomfortable, but we were fine after that.

Now that I live in the South I believe I have become a bit of a wimp on this topic. I also used to love swimming in the icy ocean waters of New Hampshire. That ice-cold salty water was so refreshing! Sure it was painful for the first five minutes or so, but once you became numb, it was fairly relaxing.

Today, I watched the thermometer slowely reach 70, and then continue on to almost 80 degrees! 

Do you see anyone in the pool in that picture?

You certainly do not see me. 


2 thoughts on “Warm Enough for Swimming in New Hampshire

  1. Heh, living in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan we’d be in Lake Superior if the water temp was 55, so refreshing!

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