Aprons, Apple Pies & Horses

E and R still had some money that were gifts in December that they wanted to spend, so after much laborious searching they made their purchases. E found this really cute baking set that you can really bake with. I went to Michael’s and got her a little apron also for a few bucks, and we got some little iron-on flowers to put on the front. She arranged the flowers herself.

She made her first apple pie– it was really good!

R picked out these little horses and a book about horses. She loves playing with little figures and dolls. She will sit alone for very long periods of time pretending with little toys like these. She makes them talk to eachother and even makes different voices for each one. It’s really cute.


4 thoughts on “Aprons, Apple Pies & Horses

  1. Hey Elizabeth! Yes, that’s E at the top of the page. It was taken this past fall infront of our old apartment. M thought it was R until I told him that it was E. Funny. (o:

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