Finally Snow!

I honestly did not think we were going to get any snow this year. I’m glad I was wrong!

This picture was taken at 8:00 this morning and the snow has been falling hard and steady ever since (it’s 1:30 now). You may see some sledding pictures on my blog soon! Yay!


3 thoughts on “Finally Snow!

  1. Yay snow! We got to see some pretty rinky dink snow when we were in Boston, and I’m REEEEEally jealous of this Nor’easter.

    I like the new look (though the previous was cool, too).

  2. What a nice site you have! I just built mine and I have no idea how to do anything special.
    I love snow too.
    I read your comment on Katy’s site that you think comments are like a gift. So, here’s your gift. May God bless you with lots of gifts of love this day!

  3. I’m glad you got some snow! I am still waiting for some. Did the girls get to play? Did you play?

    I LOVE R’s newest quote about Papa’s beard. What a crack-up!

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