Our days continue on as we try to be patient about spring. Painting is under way in the girl’s room. I’ve been working on the ceiling… that’s a white ceiling paint smiley on their closet.

On Saturday night, E drew all of our attention to this rainbow just as the sun was going down after a long rainy day:

We were able to see both ends of it! Look just above the trees in the background of this next picture, and you can see the other end of the rainbow.

I found this easy recipe in Real Simple magazine, and we had this yummy lemon and rosemary chicken for dinner on Sunday.

And then there are days like these where I don’t feel like cooking and everyone gets bagels and scrambled eggs for dinner.

Please be in prayer about the summer intern positions that M has applied for. There are several jobs that he is interested in and pursuing, and we are very prayerful that he will get one that will open doors into a career in law that he will be useful in and enjoy.


2 thoughts on “Days

  1. That’s so funny…D wanted to cook breakfast for dinner on Sunday, but we had already done the “breakfast thing” for breakfast. One can only take so much bacon and eggs!

    Rainbows are beautiful. It’s always a good time to explain to children about God’s promise to Noah after the flood, and the sign, the rainbow.

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