We took a drive this weekend and ended up at V.M.I. in Lexington. What a neat town that is. I just saw Gods and Generals last weekend, so it was really neat to see all of these sites after that movie.

One of my favorite parts of the movie was when Gen. Jackson explained why he was able to stand like a “stone wall” while bullets and cannon balls went zooming past him. He said that God knows when his time is, and he cannot change it no matter what he does. He was fearless in battle because of his faith. This way of thinking helps me quite a bit with my worrying (hey Mom– maybe you should see Gods and Generals too!). hee hee

The top right photo (below) is where Stonewall Jackson’s horse was buried, and the bottom left photo is a picture of E and R standing infront of Gen. Jackson’s cannons that he called “Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John”.

The girls got to run around alot in the big field in front of the Institute. The weather has been so warm lately… it’s been great. I figure, if you’re not going to get any snow anyway, it’s better to have warm weather. It sure does help with the heating bill too!


5 thoughts on “V.M.I.

  1. hey pattie, sure i remember you. thanks for leaving a comment on my site. can’t believe how big m is. i remember her from when she was probably my jireh’s age. time sure flies. where are you guys living now?

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