Coloring & Sofa Tunneling

Nothing really new to report about here. We have mainly just been trying to get everyone back on track with everything after our vacation and long illnesses. E has been working hard on her violin and school (more some days than others), R is still a little sick, but seems to be getting better… I think. M is back into the full swing of things with law school, and me, I’m just bouncing around between everyone trying to get things done. 

We did manage to get the dining room painted somewhere in all that. It’s black! Ha! It looks good… no, really. Explanation? Well, back when I worked as a web page designer, I was loading up some pictures from one of our real estate customers, and there was a picture of a dining room with light wood floors and black walls– and it looked great! It didn’t look weird, or “over the edge” or anything like that, it just looked nice. Well, we have light floors now (I can’t say they’re wood unfortunately… they’re plastic– made to look like wood) and so we decided to try the black walls. I’ll try and post some pictures soon.

I think I’d like to paint the girl’s room next. Right now it’s light blue, which is pretty, but it doesn’t really match their stuff (or the tan trim). I think we have settled on the original colors I picked when E was first born– pale yellow, a darker yellow, light green and pink. The light green and pink are accented throughout the room, while the walls and trim will be the 2 different yellows. That room is going to take longer than the others because the ceiling and the trim need to be painted.


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