Paper Dolls

E and I are still taking it easy and decided to work on cutting out some paper dolls today from a book that she got from her Grandmother. The doll’s name is ‘Kate.’ We only got to cutting out two outfits today, but the book is just packed with different outfits and pets, and babydolls and another paper doll too, named ‘Charles.’

While I was cutting the outfits out, E decided to cut all of the left over pieces of paper into these miniscule little pieces. Then she decided to make her own variation of a paper doll with the scraps. She said that it was holding a cup of water.

On to other news– M is back in school again as of yesterday and is enjoying it after the break. It’s too bad that he spent a good bit of his break being sick, but we sure are thankful that he didn’t come down with what he had while he was in classes!


2 thoughts on “Paper Dolls

  1. Keep some oscillococcinum (sp?) on hand-that stuff is GREAT! Just remember, the antidotes to it (and all homeopathics) are caffeine and mint. Another little tidbit someone shared with me recently-they travel a lot and don’t get sick because wherever they go they purchase the local honey and eat some during the first few days. He swore it kept him from getting sick or having his allergies kick in.

    Feel better!

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