iBiog is Here! (kind-of)

I guess I was getting antsy, and had to redesign my blog again before the iBiog.com site was up and ready. If you can’t see the new design, go to tools, internet options, and delete your temporary internet files and clear your history. Then hit refresh.

Let me know what you think, and don’t worry about hurting my feelings… M already told me it was too “modern” for him. I think he just has a problem with his eye being on my blog.


4 thoughts on “iBiog is Here! (kind-of)

  1. Well I think it is neat! It reminds me of you, so I’d say it is a good reflection of your personality and style. What is your purpose for moving to another site though? Will you transfer everything or start anew?

  2. Thanks Ursula. (o:

    Stephanie– There is a program that I really want to use from WordPress where I can do more than I can with blogger. I would be able to have more pages than just a blog page so we could do something more like a family website instead of just a blog. I would also have more control over the design. Plus, I would have all of the information on a server that only I would have access to… like all of my pictures would be on my own server space, etc.

  3. I like the new design. :) And moving to your own domain is very good. :)

    We’re about to change servers, soon. Moving from paying for a server (as in, a whole server where we hosted other people for money) to free space on a server where Mark works. Just as much control, lots less money. ;)

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