Home Café

M’s mom gave us a very generous gift this year… a loveseat and chair for the kitchen! We didn’t have another dining set for the little nook in the kitchen and that space was just empty. We knew that we would use the area more if we used it as a little seating area with a sofa since we already have a dining set just a few feet away –in the dining room. We love them– thank you N!

I need to get a third plate hanger still so I can hang up the “pool balls” plate next to the others above the couch. I painted these years ago at one of those pottery painting places in Portsmouth, NH… I think it was in ’97– a year before I met M. I was hoping to make a whole set of dishes, but then I had to plan a wedding and move, so I didn’t have time.
Being married to M is way better than having a silly set of hand-painted dishes by far. (o:

(How’s that for pics of me Ursula? (o: )


3 thoughts on “Home Café

  1. Yay! :) Your places always look so cozy and homey! LOVE the set-I could melt into it. I need one to read the new book Jordan has out-The Great Physicians Rx for Health & Wellness. I’m going to do some online research for a friend of mine for Jordan’s new show on TBN. Don’t know if you get it on non-Cable, but I’ll let you know when they start to air. There was a piece on the Food network on being “Faithfully Fit” that GoL had a good chunk in.

  2. I love that couch! There is a pottery painting place by Kroger. We should go there sometime-it might be fun :)

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