Going Home

The girls are napping and M is finishing raking some leaves, and then we will be heading home. We have had a nice visit with M’s family. We got to eat all sorts of yummy food that M’s mom made, and the girls had a blast with their cousins.

M’s brother was able to come home for a visit from Iraq and he brought some pictures that he took from over there. I’ll probably post a few once we get our computer back home and set up.

We all survived the flu while we were here but we still managed to do everything that we had planned, minus visiting a few friends– maybe next time. )o:

I’m looking forward to posting lots of pictures when we get back. We visited the Georgia Aquarium yesterday and I’m hoping I have some good ones from there. It’s really hard to tell how the pictures are going to come out before they’re up on the computer screen.

Happy New Year!

Side note: If anyone is wondering (like my dad was) why I use first initials on this blog instead of full names, it’s to protect our family… it’s not to try to be “hip”.


2 thoughts on “Going Home

  1. Happy New Year! Glad you had a great time visiting with your family & that BD’s brother was able to come home from Iraq! I’m sure that made Christmas that much more special for all. :) Look forward to all the pictures to come…especially the aquarium! I saw the Today show when they were there an it looks phenominal!

    I privatized our blog when I was getting adverts as comments, and some strange comments from other bloggers. That way only people I want to read can.–>

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