And Now We Are Here

We’re moved in! (Thanks to lots of help from friends, my brother, and my parents.) We moved the bulk of everything on the morning of the 21st, while M and my brother made lots of trips back and forth for a few days afterward. My brother got here Monday night, and my parents arrived the next day. We were all surrounded by boxes for the whole week, but we managed just fine.

Thanksgiving was interesting. Other than the busyness of unpacking the kitchen in time, my mom and I stayed up late Wednesday night getting everything ready for the turkey. When we opened up the package that the turkey was in on Thanksgiving day, it smelled like rotten eggs! I spent the next few hours scrambling around town looking for a turkey. I finally found an already prepared one at a local restaurant. We had a cajun turkey to go with my rosemary/citrus menu. We’ll just say it was in honor of the Katrina victims. (o: I was thankful that we even found a turkey. It was looking bleak for awhile there.

All in all, it was a busy week. But we had a lot of fun too…

My parents pulled out their clogging shoes and showed everyone what they could do. They were pretty good! I was wondering if we were going to experience the world’s fastest eviction from our new apartment (we are not on the bottom floor).

After a while E had to jump in and show everyone her home-spun Highland Dancing.

And then R showed everyone her stuff.

We all had a nice week together. We’re hoping next time my sister and her family will be able to come.

I still have a lot of unpacking to do, so I may not be the daily blogger that I was for a little while. Plus, the batteries are dead in the camera, and I can’t find the battery charger. I’ll find everything eventually, right?


3 thoughts on “And Now We Are Here

  1. Yes, I’ve always liked spiral stairs. These go up to M’s office.

    The cat thinks the stairs are his… he pretends to stalk everyone from above.

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