King of the Hill

Can you find the cat in this picture?

There he is!

Well, we’re down to the wire now. Almost everything is packed. It will be nice to have a day of rest on the Lord’s day tomorrow, and then the big push on Monday. I’m excited to post some pictures at our new home pretty soon! (o:


6 thoughts on “King of the Hill

  1. I love your posts! I feel badly I haven’t commented lately as things have been so busy — I usually check and go! =) Hope you have a good worshipful Day of Delight tomorrow! =) Can’t wait to read more about the move. The girls are precious!!! — and their artwork is darling. You are going to teach them to be so creative, I can already tell!

  2. Stephanie- thanks for reading my blog! It’s okay if you don’t comment all the time (although it is fun to get comments!). Can’t wait until you post something new on your blog! (hint hint) Everytime I check it, I just keep seeing your mom in a tutu! (o:

  3. Thanks Ursula– I’m happy to say that M and 3 of his friends will be doing most of the lifting. If it were me, I’d probably just slide all of the boxes down the 4 flights of stairs to the bottom. Either that, or throw them over the side of the porch. Speaking of that… we have to lower our sofa from the porch on the outside of the building since it doesn’t fit throught he staircase. Fun.

  4. hey! thanks for the comments on my blog! I am sorry that I have not responded sooner! Yes, I do remember you and your family!=D Your girls are so cute!

    Well, thanks again for stopping by!


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