Building Character

I think it must be good for children to sometimes be bored out of their skulls. I spent a good bit of my childhood in this state, and I think it has made me a more creative, jocular person. My personality has many levels due to childhood boredom. Or, if you want to look at it from someone else’s point of view, perhaps my childhood boredom has just made me weird and socially limited.

Well, either way, I am now instilling these traits into my two daughters. While I am packing, painting, and cleaning, they have no choice but to entertain themselves. Most of their time is put toward either making eachother laugh, or… coloring. I have found many many pieces of artwork around the house these past few days.

The moon and the stars. Chalkboard art.

Paper and crayons. An array of beautiful and interesting work.


One thought on “Building Character

  1. Building character through extreme boredom…iinnterrresssssstink.

    I don’t remember ever being bored as a chillun’, even when I probably should have been.

    Everything is too interesting, or perhaps its not, but to someone who can’t figure anything out, it seems that way.

    Wow, what a combination, you and me…

    You forgot to mention that most of those pictures by M are of towns. The colored areas represent things. I’m going to pass them along to our local zoning commission, because they look alot like zoning maps, only they make more sense.

    ~Bon Dufus

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