Take Ten

Taking a break to watch the game and eat macaroni and cheese.


9 thoughts on “Take Ten

  1. I’ll have Carlos cheer for you at the ‘Canes/Georgia game Saturday. He’s planning on going, and hopefully for free from his connection at the local ESPN Radio Station.

  2. Ursula, Ursula, Ursula:

    I know you’re from the northeast, and so inevitably suffer from some of the maladies common to natives from the region, but to confuse Georgia with Georgia Tech almost warrants deportation (back to the northeast, that is ;>) )

    I will mitigate the sentence if you find, purchase and read Lewis Grizzard’s “Good Old Fashioned Hate,” a book chronicling the virtuous sentiment held by each school for the other.

    Also, Georgia plays in a football conference, not a hockey conference, the SEC. I know Miami is ranked number three in the nation, but remember that it is much easier to get up for one or two tough games each year than it is to do it every week, as in the SEC.

    Plus, in the SEC, the players hit so hard that by this point in the season, the teams are putting people out of the stands on the field to take body blows while their actual teams recover from fractures and having parts of the body twisted in more directions than a tornado in time to dominate the bowl games, as they do each and every year.

    I’m sure Carlos can help fix this culpable misstatement, and fill you in on some of the more important aspects of football, such as not confusing Georgia with Georgia Tech, and the absolute dominance of the SEC. :>)

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery,
    Bon Dufus

  3. I’ll do what needs to be done for deportation!!! :) I’ve been trying to figure out how to get kicked out for 3 years now…never thought about college football!

    Here is my declaration:

    My name is Ursula and I am not a fan of college football. Here are my keys, my Florida DL and license plates.

    If only it were so simple…. Anything for family, public transport and 4 seasons.

  4. I’ll notify the appropriate authorities, and get paperwork started.

    Public transport? We got roads.

    We may decide–for public health, safety and welfare reasons–that rehabilitation would be better. Of course, that would require season tickets, which I’m sure Carlos wouldn’t mind!

    We also may have to reconsider deportation, because if we don’t have enough people from the northeast, we don’t know how to do anything. ;>)

    What’s funny is that I actually like cold weather more than Pattie does.

    ~Bon Dufus

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