I’ve been working on our bedroom which tends to get crammed with everything I don’t know what to do with, but I also don’t want to get rid of. You could call it clutter, but it’s well organized clutter. (How can I throw away my old Teen Beat with Duran Duran on the cover from 1984??)

It’s hard for me to figure out how to pack things like that. M tells me that packing is not an art, and that I just need to throw everything in boxes. I feel like I need to have each box catagorized– not just by room, but by what type of item it is. I will eventually start panicking and start stuffing things in boxes, but I still feel like I have a little time to do it my way.

The picture above is of a flower that E got for me when she and her Papa went to the grocery store tonight. It is very pale pink. She picked it out herself. She was so cute running into the apartment yelling Mommy! Come see what I got you!


4 thoughts on “Methodical

  1. I didn’t say it wasn’t an art, and that you should just throw things in boxes. Must’ve been some weird dream. Remember you’re talking about someone who arranges his shirts and ties by color and pattern, in descending order, here.

    Bon Dufus

  2. no matter how organized, you always end up with the box marked “MISC.”

    i [almost] want to move, just so i have the impetus to throw out and organize… and clean… thoroughly. maybe i’ll rearrange some furniture again!

  3. I not only want the innards of boxes organized, I also have to pack the truck in a certain way, too. I’m a bit anal retentive that way. I guess too many moves in too little time messes with you.

    And yes, it’s time to toss the Duran Duran magazine. Time has not treated the boys well…maybe Nick Rhodes has made a deal with the devil to not age, since he still cakes on his makeup.

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