Last Visit to the Fish Pond

Someone from New Hampshire must have done this…

We walked over to the fish pond yesterday. This will most likely be our last visit, or at least the last time we will be in walking distance. I was hoping to get some good pictures of the fall foliage, but I was very disappointed in the color this year. Last year was so much nicer– much more vibrant… this year is very blah. I wonder if it’s because of the lack of rain we had this summer. Maybe they just haven’t turned yet… I don’t know.

We had a nice time. The weather has become very cool and crisp… perfect for a mocha latte. (o:
I sat in the bench drinking my coffee while the girls spent most of their time swishing sticks in the water.

We walked through the college campus on the way home, and E swung on the railing like she always does.

I’m starting to feel sad about missing it here… but I am more excited about moving. (o: I can’t wait to be able to start posting pictures of the new place.


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