Painting Antiques

Wondering what's on R's face?

Well, I have been painting these beds for the girls for their new room next month… it has light blue walls and I thought black beds would look nice. These beds were mine and my sister's while we were growing up, and they originally came from my Grandmother's brother on my mom's side. Anyway… R picked up one of the wet paint brushes when I wasn't looking and wandered into the dining room with it. I have not found any damage yet other than her hands and face… I'm hoping I caught her quickly enough so that there isn't anymore paint anywhere, but I am a little afraid.


3 thoughts on “Painting Antiques

  1. pretty colors for the girls’ room! i did my lucy’s last year in palest pink and greens..i am still noticing those colors everywhere, though i’m not really searching for decorative treasures anymore.

    as for the painted will be kids, and the pics later on are priceless ;)

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